Vital business and vital people Boosting your vitality is a pre requisite for Digital Transformation

Boosting your vitality is a pre requisite for Digital Transformation.

Having a great digital strategy worked out is one thing. To really transform you have to be in good condition. You need to be a ‘vital organisation’. The key to a successful business transformation starts with a vital organisation. Vitality is not only about your organisations structure, processes and systems. First and foremost it’s all about your people.

At the heart of every winning company lies the vitality of its’ people
Vitality means more than just being ‘healthy’. Vitality means that you’re also focusing on the challenges of tomorrow. It’s a permanent state of being healthy and at the same time being adaptive to change. We strongly believe that ‘people drive transformation’, thus we need to focus on the vitality of people.

In the upcoming era of disruption, the vitality of your people is, literally, of vital importance.

The problem of vitality is invisible. The symptoms are not.
Are you looking for a way to reduce sick leave? Do you see a drop in motivation for certain employees? Are your best people moving out? Does management have challenges in motivating people? How does your company culture influence your vitality?

How to build continuous vitality in your organisation?
Do you have a clear view on how vital your organisation is? Where can you improve vitality? What are the first steps to making it happen?

An unforgettable masterclass/workshop to boost your vitality
To make it as pragmatic as possible we designed a masterclass/workshop called ‘Revival of the fittest’. We will explore the key vitality-drivers and help you to identify your vitality-boosters. We combine this workshop with one of our ‘extreme events’ (e.g. on a ship, in the Alps or on an Ibiza beach), we can even make you feel vitality! Check out our portfolio and mix and match to your liking.

Vitality experts
You will be guided by our world class expert on Vitality. Interspersed with breaks with our navy-combat trainer (for body & mind vitality). We offer you an experience you will never forget.

You go home with a concrete plan on how to start boosting your vitality.

Make your Vitality issue tangible and take your first step
Give me a call to discuss ‘Revival of the fittest’ and the situation in your organisation.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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