Masterclass Revival of the fittest

‘Revival of the fittest’ is our masterclass/workshop organised
in an extremely inspirational environment.

We define ‘vitality’ as a combination of a vital business and vital people. Two sides of the same coin. We claim vitality to be a key success factor for Digital Transformation. Does your team need a boost in vitality in order to prepare?

Our workshop ‘Revival of the fittest’  focuses on the people part; regaining team and individual vitality.

Vital business should be run by vital people
A vital business means that you have designed a strong Digital Transformation strategy and you are ready for deployment. Our consultancy can help you to become a vital business. This only works if you have a vital team that is ready to roll. Having a vital business without a vital team will lead to a standstill. This might eventually threaten the continuity of your business.

Has the passion vanished?

  • “Our sick leave numbers are too high.”
  • “Too often we see great talents leave the company.”
  • “We used to have an enthusiastic team, but it seems that the spirit has gone out of it. Our people seem a bit dozed off.”
  • “Nothing but calm seas in our organization. Come to think of it, people show little initiative. They hardly come with fresh ideas anymore.”

If you can identify yourself in any of these quotes, you will not be ready to face the future.

How to revive the real spirit back into your organisation?
How does your company inspire people?
How (often) do they produce new ideas and initiatives?
How do their joint efforts yield results?
Do your people give their best and do they get energy in return?

Vitalise your team in the most inspirational environment
We strongly believe in creating the right setting for difficult and ‘intangible’ subjects, such as Vitality. Therefore our workshop ‘Revival of the fittest’ is situated in one of our extreme-event settings, customised from our portfolio, to your requirements.

The program we run is a combination of theory and immediate application: outside, in nature. You will be facilitated by our world class expert on Vitality.

Masterclass ‘Revival of the fittest’ (3 day program):
To give you a small taste of the ingredients….

Drivers of Vitality: Entrepreneurship, People, Structures and Environment

Cultural typology: how can you define your own culture against these drivers?

Potential: participants to realise their individual potential and preference-role

Roles: make people realise the value of each role in the organisation and understand the complementarity

Teamplay: Learn how to apply your role (teamplay and co-operation) in situations; strength  versus vulnerability

Winning the game: Let people realise that their role plays a key factor in a successful transformation of the company. Conclude the vitality-boosters into an action plan.

Part of the workshop is to challenge your own vitality. Our navy-combat trainer provides intermediate kick box exercises to make you hungry for the BBQ!

Unlock the potential of your team

Give me a call to discuss your wishes for this masterclass so we can customize it precisely to your requirements.
Looking forward to hearing from you.