Vision is the art of seeing the invisible Your Digital Transformation starts with your Vision

It may be tempting to create your digital strategy without having first an explicit vision. Having no vision is a terrible thing to see.  It’s imperative to start your Digital Transformation journey with a clear vision.

A strong vision produces passion
Following Awareness (our gamification), Vision is the next step of our Practology Digital Transformation. By making your vision clear you place your beacons in the sea. This will channel your Digital Transformation strategy. By finally sharing the vision with your people, it will produce passion to embark.

Where there is no vision, there is no hope
Digital Transformation will rock your future. It will change your customers, your business model and even your sector. Your vision will become the foundation of your Digital Transformation strategy. It should be clear, realistic and shared amongst your people.

Do you have a clear and realistic vision and is it shared?
How clear is your vision on the sector and in your company? Is it realistic? Did you make it explicit and where can people find it? To what extent is your workforce aligned to your vision?

Create your vision on your Digital Transformation
The first step in crafting vision is to generate awareness on the future that’s coming. Involve all your people in becoming aware. Play the Battle of Disruption. Then explore the world. Seek already existing best practices. Get inspired. Build your view on Digital Transformation within your sector. Derive the vision for your company. With our gamification, worldwide research and our practical workshops you have very  clear steps to take.

Explicate your vision for your Digital Transformation
Let’s discuss the vision of your industry and see how we can get everybody on board.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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