Play The Perfect Storm Strategic board-game for mobility industries

Based on the success of our strategic game Battle of Disruption we took it one step further.

We created a strategic board-game for all mobility industries. Entirely focused on the theme of Mobility heading towards the year 2030. As we enter the most disruptive decade of Mobility, which strategic imperatives do you need to select for your business or organisation?

Imagine Mobility 2030 …. now think harder
Heading towards the year 2030 the way we live, work and move will have changed dramatically in all parts of the world. What will this mean for your business model, your consumers, partners and competitors, tomorrow? And how to you anticipate today?

The perfect storm
Digital Rocks converted the vision on Mobility 2030 into a management game: The Perfect Storm. This vision has been constructed together with the C-level of one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.  It’s been verified with experts in the mobility industry. The Perfect Storm prepares you for the disruptive future of Mobility. It highlights 6 disruptive forces, reinforcing each other into the perfect storm.

Strategic imperatives
The Perfect Storm tests your business and strategy. It will unfold 45 strategic imperatives, awaiting your selection. Which ones require your immediate action?

Strategic board game
The Perfect Storm is a strategic board game about the future of Mobility. The game is suitable for all levels in your organisation. It is played with 8 to 16 storm chasers. The goal is to make your strategic choices visible and prioritise them for further deep dives.

Your digital strategy
Whether you are at the start of your strategy creation or you just want to verify it, the game provides a great experience. If you want to explain your strategy to your workforce, The Perfect Storm serves as a tool to get your message across.

Mobility as ‘gamification’
Digital Rocks disrupts itself! Not a boring book or a slick presentation or another congress. None of that old-school approaches. We converted our vision and white papers into this game; The Perfect Storm. An unforgettable game experience with hyper effective learning and inspiration. Puzzles, dazzling films, chatbot blogs and suddenly incoming tweets will drive your audience to a climax: your position in the eye of The Perfect Storm.

Suitable for all mobility related industries
The Perfect Storm is the best possible kick start for any firm in mobility related sectors. To mention a few: government, municipalities, provincial authority, automotive, insurance, technology, transport, logistics, part-suppliers, sharing-platforms, telecomm, payment services … and so on.

So why don’t you just sign up and play the game!

Enter The Perfect Storm!
We secure an unforgettable experience, tailor made to your needs. Either to be played at your office or even better … we invite you to our ship in Amsterdam. Enjoy the game, the disruptive waves and a great BBQ on the water! (rest assured: if our captain Ilmar notices a real storm coming up we won’t sail out, but we do play the game though!)

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