Adventurous teambuilding Take a break with your team

Sometimes a break from your routine is all you need. Your team simply needs the best possible break on earth. Just go for it.

Explore new horizons. Meet new people. Or really get to know the people you work with. Move your team into a sensational setting. Great activities, great vibes and great food.

It’s okay to take a break!
Sometimes you’ve got to take a break from all the business noise around you. Appreciate the silence of a stunning environment. Reconnect to all the members in your team. Take real distance from your challenges and convert them into opportunities. Or just to have some fun for a change!

Taking a break will not kill your business, it will revitalise it!
We are caught up in our daily routines, our weekly deadlines and our monthly reports. We work together with people that we do not really know. Wouldn’t it be great to really connect and collaborate?

Take a break: your most productive
intervention of the year.

How much time do you really spend on having some fun together?
Will that monthly drink together be enough? Or the weekly birthday cake? Or the yearly Christmas get together? How much more enjoyable will your work become if you really get to know the people and have some unforgettable fun together ?

Our Take-a-Break events will deliver an unforgettable experience
Our take-a-break events are the best therapy for rebalancing your daily routine. We have dozens of outstanding ventures and activities in our Take-a-Break portfolio. All hand picked and optimised by our team. Tell us your requirements and we will craft a customised venture that’s unforgettable.

And now for something completely different:
take-a-break to collect new energy to bring back home
Tell me your thoughts and wishes and let us find
the best possible match with our Take-a-Break portfolio.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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