Creating awareness Gamification is the perfect start

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles into non-game contexts. Gamification is the perfect start for your Digital Transformation journey.

We have a proven approach.

It motivates and engages users at the start of a Digital Transformation process. Helps to demystify the business challenge ahead. Gets everybody on the same page in a playful way.

Digital Transformation is also knocking on your door
A new era is dawning.”To disrupt or to be disrupted”, that is the question. Hardly any sector that will NOT be influenced by the exponential growth of information and technology.

How to engage everyone on the Digital Transformation journey?
Increasing complexity around Digital Transformation. Limited time to change. How to demystify Digital Transformation? How to ensure that everyone in the organisation is aware of the opportunities and threats?

Get your workforce on board
Does your management have a shared understanding of the Digital Transformation challenges ahead? How about your workforce? Are they aligned to the journey you are about to start?

Gamification by Digital Rocks works!
Our in-house built Digital Transformation games have impressed thousands of participants already. Giving you the perfect start for your Digital Transformation journey.

Try our Battle of Disruption to discover the exponential era we are entering right now. Or guide your workforce through our escape room Escape To The Future. Unforgettable experiences for all. Are you active in the mobility industry? Go for our sensational game The Perfect Storm.

The Battle of Disruption, Escape To The Future and The Perfect Storm. All designed and produced by Digital Rocks.

Apply gamification to your Digital Transformation journey!
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