Play the Battle of Disruption How to start with Digital Transformation?

How to start with Digital Transformation? An important question for many organisations, whether profit or non profit.

Digital Transformation starts with awareness. To understand the era we are in. To grasp the ins and outs of Digital Transformation, to see the potential threats and opportunities approaching rapidly in the near future. The Battle of Disruption is the perfect kickstart for your organisation. A discovery of Digital Transformation in a playful and enlightening way.

Play the Battle of Disruption with your team
The Battle of Disruption is a strategic board game about Digital Transformation. You have three options to play; at your office, at our office or at a fabulous inspirational location.  Make the choice between a one day or part of a three day ‘on location’ event. No matter where you choose the venue will be transformed into a futuristic war room. You will discover more than 30 drivers of transformation and you’ll map these against your own company.

Creating a shared view
Within one session you gain a shared view of the future, speak the same language and feel the same sense of urgency and ambition.

Discover the impact
On the Battle radar screen, a first view of the impact of Digital Transformation becomes very clear. What is the impact for your firm? What should you do?

Hyper effective learning
Tired of reading books, articles and attending congresses about Digital Transformation? Did you ever question the effectiveness? How do you get everyone on the same page? Wouldn’t it be nice to address a serious subject in a fun way?

Engage your team
An unforgettable game experience that will provide a glimpse into your companies future. Engage your team in the future.

Designed and produced by Digital Rocks thousands of participants have entered the Battle. In practically all sectors, for all types of functions. Great fun combined with a serious kickstart to your Digital Transformation journey.

Play the Battle of Disruption!
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P.S. Experience the Battle of Disruption as it is intended to be. Although it has been copied by others, at Digital Rocks you enjoy the one and only original version.

The Battle of Disruption has originally been created and produced by Jeroen de Groot, director of Digital Rocks. ​It is inspired by the book Digital Transformation of Jo Caudron and Dado van Peteghem. The Battle of Disruption is a board game that is protected by copyright and is also recorded by means of an i-DEPOT at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) under number 107307 in the name of Jeroen de Groot.




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