Making strategy work Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is about the existential question regarding
the future of your business and organisation.

Will you be relevant tomorrow? Which strategic road do you to take? How do you prepare your company, including your workforce?

How to get started on Digital Transformation?
To find the answers to these questions, Digital Rocks helps you to get started on Digital Transformation with the most simple and concrete consultancy workshops.

We start with our inspirational gamification to reduce complexity and bring the right choices for your company to the table.

We even transport you away from your daily office environment, into nature, to boost inspiration.

For this we have a portfolio of extreme events at your disposal,
that are beyond your imagination.

What exactly is Digital Transformation?
Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

With the exponential growth of this digital technology it’s becoming inescapable for any business in every sector.

Step into our gamification for an intense introduction to the subject.

Digital Transformation is more than digitisation
To avoid confusion it’s important to understand the difference between digitisation (automation), versus Digital Transformation.

The first merely focusses on the ‘tactical level’ of the business, whereas Digital Transformation is situated within the strategic area; it’s about strategic choices.

Strategic choices 
Which strategic choices should you make to meet the future with confidence?

Have you demystified Digital Transformation for your business extensively? Have you defined the right impact for your company? How do you translate your strategy into a concrete plan for the future?
Embark on our practical consultancy workshops to find the answers.

There is more.

Cultural Transformation
Next to this technological perspective, Digital Transformation will also evoke a cultural transformation. Let’s say the ‘transformation’ part of Digital Transformation.

At Digital Rocks we strongly believe that ‘people drive transformation’, not IT. It’s that we see the engagement of the workforce as a key enabler for transformation.

This all begins with your business vitality. How vital is your organisation today and how can we align the vitality we need to the transformation we are preparing?

Digital Rocks, nice to meet you
In today’s era of disruption, your own Digital Transformation is inescapable. How to remain relevant as an organisation is quite an existential question.

The combination of a highly effective consultancy approach, with strong gamification, optionally embedded in an extreme event, forms our plan to guide you through your Digital Transformation journey.

Innovative, inspirational and effective.

Contact us, to discuss how we can setup your Digital Transformation, into a great inspirational journey.


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